Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jewelries that Heal...

Healing jewelry is all the rage now, and while many still opt to wear the traditional bead bracelets (like the lapis lazuli, carnelian, citrine, and malachite bracelets),others go for "healers" in the form of earrings (like the amazonite and wired ball earrings).

- LAPIS LAZULI (blue with gold specks): Can help cure insomnia, calm your nerves
- CITRINE (transparent yellow): Merchant stone, for prosperity and draws in wealth. Also good for digestive disorders
- CARNELIAN (orangey brown): Stimulates metabolism and also helps with depression as well as rheumatism.
- MALACHITE (green): Protection stone and absorbs negative energies.

"Raw" healing stones like the natural druzy agate, quartz "wands", and amethyst "clusters" make for perfect end- charms for bracelets.
All healing jewelry above are made by Rodina Chua- Velasco for Accessory Lab. For more information, please call us at (+632) 890.9011, email us at, or visit us at R2 Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center Makati City.

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