Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 27- New Merchadise


Amazonite in 925 silver

Labradorite in 925 silver

Cameo resin studs set in 925 silver and dipped in gold

Small Drop Earrings of Pink Opal, set in 925 silver

Cuff bracelets made of Green Zoisite with Ruby (for dispelling negativity *turning them into positivity*, idleness, laziness, and aids in realizing your own ideas, transforming destructive urges into constructive ones! ),

and Multicolored Mookaite (for slimming! Also good for disorders of the stomach and is considered an emotional protector)

Drop earrings of vermeil (gold plated silver) in Filipino colonial style
For more information, please visit us at R2 Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center Makati City; call us at (+632) 890.9011, or email us at accessorylab@gmail.com

1 comment:

thecosmopolitanbagoba said...

I reserved the "Drop earrings of vermeil (gold plated silver) in Filipino colonial style" just now.

I saw them on the site and showed them to my husband and we liked them.

I called to reserve them and asked about the price - it's PhP6k+, is that right? Well above what I expected compared to my first purchase, kasi.

I'll be getting them by this weekend. Hopefully, the other filigree (with moonstone) earrings I had repaired and re-dipped will have been finished by then. If not, okay lang, I have this new pair to look forward to.

So glad you post these online.

- Aina