Sunday, November 22, 2009

Healing, Charming, Sparkling!

What's new for our 1st year anniversary at Accessory Lab? A lot!

Choose from these bracelets that marry "healing" with "charm" !
Smoky quartz bracelet (RCV10091024G) with Rose Quartz Heart Charm (RCV11091179C)
Amethyst bracelet with Turquoise charm
Rose quartz bracelet (RCV10091045G) with Amethyst Piglet Charm (DCV0909744C)
Labradorite bracelet (RCV10091070G) with Moonstone Charm (RCV11091180C)

An exquisite 10 karat yellow gold ring with an Oval Turquoise center (IBC0109204R)

A sparkling oval citrine surrounded by 13 diamonds totaling 0.74 cts set in 14k white gold (GIC1109201R)

Amazonite bead necklace in 10k gold with moonstone pendant in vermeil (RCV11091235N)

Amethyst bead necklace with amethyst cluster pendant for serenity and tranquility (RCV11091219N)

For more information, please call us at (+632) 890.9011 *please quote the merchandise reference number indicated*, email us at, or visit us at R2 Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center Makati City.

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